Monday, June 5, 2023

What are WordPress Plugins?

 With over 50,000 plugins made for WordPress, It can be over whelming to find good plugins. We listed a select few WordPress optimization plugins that can make your life easier while improving site performance and user experience.

Plugins are small programs that when installed run as part of a WordPress website. They can have their own configuration settings and their interface is integrated within WordPress. You can download them from the official plugin directory or install them directly from within your WordPress dashboard Plugins on the left menu.

Free or Paid WordPress Plugins

There are plenty of free plugins (most cost less than $30). Usually the free plugins offer only part of the paid version, and to utilize all the features and support you need to buy the full version. There are of course very nice plugins that are 100% free and very useful (as we will see below)

WordPress Optimization Plugins

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