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How do I Design a Website

 How do I Make or Design a new Website - Step by Step Guide

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How do I Make or Design a new Website - Step by Step Guide

Learn How to Make a Website Quickly and Easily, Tips on Designing and or Redesigning your Website and more. When designing a new website you will want to keep the information clear and on subject. Delivering a large amount of information can be a good thing, but visitors may not know what they need to focus on and their attention will bounce around before actually reading

Web Designing Resources and Tips


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Learn How to Create a New Website. Design Tips For Accessible Websites. Why DIY Websites Fail. Importance Of Responsive Website. Cross Browser Compatible

Designing Tips For A Better Accessible Website

Accessibility features should include everything from content and alt tags to colors, photos and design elements. its imperative to ensure that your site is also accessible to people of all abilities which will require some changes. Fortunately there are several simple things you can do to tweak your website. Utilize These Tips For A More Accessible Website

Resources For Building Websites

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Wordpress Resources, Bootstrap 4 Resources, Image Resources, Python Resources, Drupal Resources, Joomla Resources, PHP Resources, JavaScript Resources, CSS Resources

WordPress and GoDaddy are the most Recognizable Names for Internet Services and Website Building. Let us try to explain the difference

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What Makes A Great Website

It’s Not All About Looks!

If you are a business owner struggling to decide what to put on your website, you are not alone. For most of us, web development, hosting, and even content creation are not our areas of expertise. Fortunately, with a bit of understanding about how the web works and a few key players in your corner, you can enjoy a safe, reliable, and highly trafficked website that will help your business boom. Here are today’s tips:

Hire the Right Website Designer

Sure, “anybody” can get a website up and running online within minutes. That doesn’t mean that they’re experts or that it’s been done correctly. RSH Web Services has more than two decades of experience and can create a sleek and responsive website to fit your needs and budget.

Website Designing

What Is HTTPS and Is It Important

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place that offers virtually endless possibilities for E-commerce, information exchange, networking, or entertainment.

Unfortunately, not everyone online is sincere and trustworthy. This is why websites and email servers need to implement strong security measures that will protect their users and visitors.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

It establishes trust between you and your customers or visitors.

Google will rank your website higher with SSL certificates.

You show that you take all information seriously to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, licenses, and passwords.

All pages with sensitive information are protected by SSL Certs running with HTTPS instead of HTTP in your browser.

This will help stop tampering with or changing the data contained in communications to and from your website.

Showing a Site Seal demonstrating that an SSL Certificate is active on your website and that anyone can verify the ownership and security of your website.

Secure Your Site With HTTPS

A Comprehensive WordPress Blog



The most popular blogging and Web Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It is a Website creation platform written in PHP and paired with MySQL. WordPress is an open source software and anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code. In simple terms, it is free for anyone to use and modify it as they see fit.

What is WordPress?

At its simplest explanation, WordPress is the most popular website builder or blog software. WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the Internet today. Many famous Websites like, Rolling Stones.

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is any website that uses this CMS to manage its contents. This content includes pages, videos, texts, images, hyperlinks, etc. WordPress also provides a back end interface that allows the Admin to manage the complete website. A front end interface that allows visitors to interact with the website.

What is a WordPress Website?

Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SSM) has become a powerful tool for any website owner or business. Most consumers look for businesses that have a social media website. Social media has become one of the top communications between consumers and businesses. Most businesses know the importance of communication and how social media makes it easier to reach a larger crowd.

But what "SSM" can give. It can take away just as fast. Ignoring your target audience, being too controversial or simply using a hashtag incorrectly could cost you.

Let us look at some interesting Social Media Statistics you need to know.
As well as the worst Social Media Mistakes a business can make, and how to avoid them.

Worst Social Media Mistakes
and How to Avoid Them

How to improve your SEO ranking with SSL

Recent announcements on the use of HTTPS as a ranking factor is likely to redefine SEO strategies and also have a major impact on the security of Websites and the Internet as a whole.

Although Google and Bing shares little information on the algorithms used to determine their own Search rankings. This leaves web designers, SEO specialists and organizations to their own devices when it comes to improving SEO Performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique through which your website rank higher in the search results of Goggle, Bing, and other search engines. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is just one of those ranking factors.

A study conducted by Brian Dean on shows a correlation between HTTPS and higher search rankings was found. Combined with other factors and reflecting what Google had already confirmed.

From Google: We’d like to announce that we’re adjusting our indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages. Our systems prefer the HTTPS version by default.

This means that HTTPS Websites and pages will receive an SEO boost and be the default result for searchers. For the Webmasters, we will need to make sure we have implemented SSL certificates properly to avoid a drop in rankings. Having an SSL certificate on your website is now the "New Website Standard" Just as important as a "Responsive Website Design" is.

All websites should have an SSL Certificate.

10 Outstanding Ideas for Powerful Website Content

These days, premium content is a pivotal component of effective digital marketing. In fact, studies show that:

6 in 10 customers are prompted to learn more about a product when they have read topical and informative content about it.

Content marketing yields more than triple the number of leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

With stats like this, it is clear that content counts.

When you post high quality content on your website, you are much more likely to attract potential customers and generate sales leads.

To help you get those creative juices flowing, here are some outstanding ideas to generate website content that users will love:

Expert Advice For Beginners

A great way to provide readers with useful information while establishing yourself as an expert in your field is to share what you know. You can do this via a blog post that features online guides to your business niche.

You will notice that many of the ideas suggested in this list relate to blog content. This is because blogs are an incredibly effective channel for content marketing. Company sites with blogs produce 67% more leads, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages per month than those without blogs.

Website Content Ideas for your Business

What is the Best Email Software for Your Business

Business Email Software

Are you looking for the best email programs or apps for your business?
Choosing the right application can be a daunting task.

The number of people using email will grow to 4.3 billion by the end of the year. That is over half of the world's population. Email helps you reach people anywhere they are at any time of the day. One-to-one business email communication has proven to be very useful since its invention. It delivers optimal results and gives a higher delivery rate.

The ability to safeguard crucial business data should be a priority for all businesses. And managing emails is more important today than ever before. Email remains the primary method of communication between businesses.

There are a number of different ways in which emails can be used and stored.

WordPress Alternatives

Having credit to over 28 million websites on the Internet, WordPress is doubtlessly the most popular website builder or Content Management System (CMS) platform. However, this impressive statistic doesn’t mean that WordPress is the perfect match for every website or online merchant. If you are looking for a few WordPress alternatives, you have come to the right place. Scroll down to discover our top picks of 5 WordPress alternatives and their features.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Everything has pros and cons. And so does WordPress. With an enormous base of users across the globe, it is widely praised for its outstanding advantages. But WordPress has many weak points that many users tend to overlook. To help you make an informed decision on whether to opt for WordPress or not, this write-up lists 3 disadvantages. Let us take a look at these.

5 Best WordPress Alternatives

What to look for in Educational Software

Educational Programs

The world of education has always been influenced by technological developments. Educational Programs are designed to manage, distribute and track employee training. They are often used in corporate settings to deliver online courses and track employee progress. However, they can also be used in other ways, such as to provide compliance training or customer education. Even students and their parents can visit a central website for a school or district to get the information they need.

Learning Management Systems

LMS's to name one has proved to be beneficial not only for educational institutions but also for both corporate and not-for-profit organizations. These web based learning environments are innovative platforms that enables online education by providing a framework to create, manage, and deliver learning content. Learning Management Systems help to create, adopt, administer, distribute and manage all of the activities where students can effectively access information related to their subjects and course.

Course Management Systems

CMS's are programs that are focused and sometimes expressly built just for educators and those working in large institutions. Much like with any Course Management Systems, there are content creators on the back end, and end users on the front end. The teachers and administrators can create content in the form of grades and progress reports.

Virtual Learning Environments

VLE's are online platform that enables educators to create interactive learning environments to improve the learning experience. Many higher education English speaking institutions have begun adopting Virtual Learning Environments for their many benefits. They are also well established in educational institutions as a means to structure, manage and deliver learning activities and content. They are recognized for having strengths in student tracking and managing online assessments.

Best Online Educational Programs

The Best Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM's are a business strategy that stresses good ongoing relationships with your customers. Manage sales, track your client communication, and connect your projects, marketing activities and much more with a Customer Relationship Management program.

We reviewed and listed some of the best CRM apps based on criteria such as pricing, third-party integrations, ease of use, reporting, and more. They can be used with any web browser without extra add-ons or extensions

The best CRM apps will help track your business growth as they keep track of your sales, and manage external business relations. With a CRM script, you can streamline multiple tasks, including identifying new leads, optimizing your sales pipeline, automating your marketing campaigns, and more.

And with Softaculous automatic script installer, you can install, try out, uninstall as many different apps as you like. It is just that simple. With hundreds of amazing scripts for Image galleries, E-commerce, blogs, Forums, Wikis, social networking. Available with any of our hosting plans
Take the Softaculous demo for a spin, see reviews and more.

CRM Programs, Scripts or Apps

The Best Social Networking Software

What is Social Networking Software?

Social networking programs allows users to connect, communicate and share data with each other. Most businesses use social media as a marketing tool, and it’s easy to see why. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have billions of users combined. Having a cohesive social media presence allows businesses to reach their customers in creative ways. Many small businesses turn to social media management platforms that they can have complete control over, and can be edited by using any web browser without extra add-ons or extensions

Social media is among the most effective marketing methods that any business can use. But not all social media outlets are created the same. Each app has a particular set of people with their own quirks as to how they interact with content.

Businesses need to be aware of these nuances when deciding to invest in this type of marketing platforms since it could impact how well their business is viewed.

Choosing the Best Social Networking Platform

404 Page Not Found Error

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means that the web page you were trying to reach could not be found

The 404 Error indicates that while the Web Server is reachable
But the specific web page that you are looking for is not

HTTP 404 Displayed

Here are some common ways in which you might see the HTTP 404 error being displayed

404 Error
404 Not Found
Error 404
HTTP 404
Error 404 Not Found
HTTP 404 Not Found
404 Page Not Found
404 File or Directory Not Found
The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server

What is a 404 Error Page

The Beginner's Guide to Getting Your Website Online

If you are considering designing a new website or want to redo your current, outdated website, you will be faced with some important decisions. We are going to help you with these decisions by showing your choices and explaining how specific options may fit your needs. We will explain and help you understand what type of websites you can build, and if needed choosing a Domain Name. To the finishing touches that will help you launch your website successfully, what ever your goals might be.

The essential steps to launch a website

  • • Understanding what type of Website you need
  • • Choosing a Domain Name and a Hosting Provider
  • • Building your Website yourself and making it look great
  • • Using a website builder like WordPress
  • • Writing and preparing the Content
  • • Testing your Website before and after it's launch

What type of Website do you need

Websites come in all different shapes and sizes. And many different types or combination of types. Which you choose will depend on what you want to achieve with your website and the functionality you will need with it.

How Do I Make a Website?

What are WordPress Plugins?

 With over 50,000 plugins made for WordPress, It can be over whelming to find good plugins. We listed a select few WordPress optimization plugins that can make your life easier while improving site performance and user experience.

Plugins are small programs that when installed run as part of a WordPress website. They can have their own configuration settings and their interface is integrated within WordPress. You can download them from the official plugin directory or install them directly from within your WordPress dashboard Plugins on the left menu.

Free or Paid WordPress Plugins

There are plenty of free plugins (most cost less than $30). Usually the free plugins offer only part of the paid version, and to utilize all the features and support you need to buy the full version. There are of course very nice plugins that are 100% free and very useful (as we will see below)

WordPress Optimization Plugins

Online Privacy and Security

This is a difficult topic. And you may think a bit of paranoia is kicking in
Or you may not want to believe all of what we listed below actually happens
But it does!
And it happens more than you think. Awareness is the first step in protecting yourself.

Data breaches and privacy violations are happening every day. From Edward Snowden: the whistle-blower behind the "NSA surveillance revelations" That the American Government tracks its citizens. Cambridge Analytica gained access to private information on more than 50 million Facebook users to allegedly influence the 2016 US presidential election.

Our information is not always being used in the most ethical, transparent or even legal ways. It appears that every aspect of our private lives can be dissected and scrutinized by anyone that mean to do us harm. And it is clear that our personal information is out there.

Protecting your Privacy from Hackers and Spies

Risks of Using Unsecured Wi-Fi

There are many risks when using an unsecured or public Wi-Fi network. Even when the network in question is a Secure public Wi-Fi, if all you need to do is ask one of the employees for the password, then anyone who wants access will have it. What is even worse, many networks will leave their Wi-Fi settings open, allowing anyone who is connected to gain Admin access to the router. Once within the network, there are many ways for cybercriminals to take advantage. One very popular way is with what they call “Man-in-the-Middle” attack. Another common avenue of attack on public Wi-Fi networks is known as Malware Injection.

Hackers will also use unsecured Wi-Fi's to distribute malware. If you have enabled "file-sharing" across your network, the hacker can then plant infected software called Phishing on your computer and on your network. Many hackers have even hacked the "connection point" directly, causing a "pop-up" window to appear during the connection process. Sometimes these Pop-Ups will offer an upgrade to a piece of popular software. Clicking this then installs the malware.

Risks of Public Wi-Fi

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SEO Marketing

 SEO » Practice, Patience and Sometimes Luck

A marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Starting a new business is not an easy task. There will be a lot of challenges that business owners will face. You may not have the knowledge and the expertise in all areas, and SEO marketing is one of them. Many try implementing SEO tactics for their business, but most lack the skills required for an effect campaign.

Your website may not show up on the search engines, or may even be removed by Google. Rather than trying SEO without any knowledge. It is always better to have a basic understanding. And you are making a critical mistake if you think that SEO no longer matters. It does. Even more now and in a wider range of ways than ever before.

SEO is very deep with lots of tools, guidelines, tactics, techniques, and updates. Staying up to date is most important, your website could come down in ranking. As a small business owner, you might not have the funds to hire a professional SEO marketing company. This is why we put together this article, where you will learn about easy to implement SEO Tips that can make a difference for your business. So, let us start exploring some indispensable tips.


SEO Tips and Tricks
Search Engine Optimization

 With the right SEO campaign, you can net thousands of visitors and increased your brand. The wrong campaign can hurt, hide, or bury your site so deep in the search results no one will find you. A proper marketing SEO campaign will help boost rankings so that your website will be more readily found.

The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive. Those websites, businesses, and companies who perform regular SEO campaigns will have an advantage in visitors and customers.

And maybe just a SEO Website Tune up may be all you need to start ranking again.

What are Domain Names

With the World Wide Web, all websites have a unique Domain Name or a URL Uniform Resource Locator. These URLs are assigned a set of unique numbers called IP numbers or Internet Protocol Numbers. All Web Servers use this individual I.P. address to identify and connect the Website to the end-users: You, the Internet surfer.

While one cannot normally choose or change the I.P. Address of the Website. We can select a Domain and the domain ending extension, TLD
For a simple example, a domain name is our postal address and the TLDs could be called the zip code.

What are Domain Names

Our website address or domain name is similar to a Contact entry in a phone book. We assign a Name to a Number and use the contact's name to connect the phone number to the entity. We can choose what we want to save the contact name as, but the phone number stays the same. Similarly, we can select our domain name but not the I.P. address.

What Exactly are Domains

Top level Domain Names
Second level Domain Names

Website Address - URL


Building Websites with WordPress


Is building websites with WordPress easy?

WordPress is not necessarily easy for beginners. But learning how to use WordPress can be.

Anyone can learn to use this website builder for any type of website.
This is why is is the most popular CMS used today.
Claimed to be used by more than 35% of all sites on the Internet.

You do not need to be a WordPress guru to use WordPress effectively. You do not need to know any coding.

There are plenty of successful WordPress designers who do not know how to code what so ever.

Have never interacted with the WordPress template hierarchy, and never used the WordPress glossary.

With WordPress being so popular, it’s easy to get help with the specific things you do need to know.

Not sure how to make your website look a certain way?

Not sure how to install a new plugin?

Not sure what a theme is?

A quick Google search will turn up thousands of pages.

If you approach WordPress the right way, you can avoid much of the complexity so that you only need to learn the actual concepts that will make your website a success.

Installing WordPress

Softaculous is an auto installer with in cPanel. It installs WordPress with a few clicks. Login to your cPanel and, look for WordPress under the Softaculous App Installer section. You will see the WordPress icon there, Click on the Install Now button.

How To Set Up and Use WordPress to Build a Website


Help Desk Software For your Business

A large majority of businesses with an online presence should be looking into some type of customer service software. Your businesses can enhance the customer experience, improve response times, and maximize the efficiency of your support teams.

If you are currently using online contact forms or email for customer support inquiries and not able to keep up with the volume. It may be time to upgrade your services.

What is Customer Support Software?

Customer Support refers to the services you provide to your customers to help them acquire the best services or product, and hopefully enjoy a problem free experience while doing it. We can look at Customer Support Software as responding to client queries and questions, troubleshooting, and providing customers with periodic updates of products and services.

Utilize tools such as email, chat, and web based interactive programs for the exchange of information. Helping potential customers. Immediately links the customer to relevant, informative content. Provide info about improvements and upgrades. Follow up with clients to make sure that their experience is second to none. In simpler words, Customer Support is the act of providing instantaneous, reliable, and compassionate help that prioritizes client satisfaction during and after every interaction.

Customer Services and Support Software


Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is all about meeting your target audience and customers. No matter where they are. And as they socially interact with each other and your brand. Social media marketing as a whole can be incredibly beneficial to your business growth.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub Benchmark Report 2022. There were over 4.40 billion active social media users in 2021. More than half of the world's population. Social users grew by 13.1% in the year of 2021. Social media will play a critical role in any business digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

In just one decade, social media has gone from an intriguing novelty to an absolute business necessity. Below are seven reasons why social media is important for any small business.

  • • Helps to increase brand awareness
  • • Can create real human connections
  • • Helps to bring in steady traffic
  • • Can be used for additional business strategy
  • • One of the best ways to connect with people who already love your business
  • • An alternative but important way of reaching those who have not yet heard of your business
  • • Can be used for customer service and customer support

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses


Tips on Creating a New Website

 Designing A New Website

When designing a new website, you will want to keep your content clear and on subject. Delivering a large amount of information can be a good thing, but visitors may not know what they need to focus on, and their attention may bounce around before actually reading, or worse, leave because of feeling overwhelmed.

Images are also a good way to get your featured stories noticed, which can also be further reinforced by stronger headlines. But avoid overwhelming visitors with complex headers and pop-ups.

Dropdown menus are good, but when used excessively, they will not make your website more manageable for users. Sometimes, nicely structured tabs and plain old horizontal links can work well in a content-rich website.

Keep Your Website Updated

As a website designer, you need to be up-to-date with the latest in the industry if you want your designs to be relevant.

If you get trapped into designing websites that are outdated and are not what is expected, your websites will not succeed, and you will lose to your competitors. Website designing is continuously learning and relearning. It is all about knowing the latest updates in website design, programming and understanding their use to make the website more cutting edge. Why must you keep yourself up to date? The answer is not hard to understand. If you do not know what is happening, you will find it difficult to look good with your audience's expectations. Visitors expect a certain kind of freshness in website design. This is something that you will not be able to offer if your designs follow the same old routine.

How do I Design or Make a New website


Tips to Improve Your Website

 Improve Your Website Design

It has never been more important to have a great-looking website. However, with so many website building tools enabling anyone to make a website. Even with little to no technical skills. It is getting more and more difficult to make your website stand out.

For designers, the stakes are even higher because an exceptional looking website is not just "Nice to Have" It is mandatory today. After all, if you are not able to do a great job with your website, why would clients expect you to do any better for them?

Tips to give your website the makeover it deserves.

Include Well-Designed and Written Headings

Your headings and content should be driven by what your potential customers are looking for. Keywords in your title is also important for targeting your message and attracting the right audience. One good in depth keyword research tool is SEMScoop. Search Engines typically give headings more weight over other content, so choosing the right heading and making it stand out can significantly improve your search ability. But more importantly, Headings will guide your user through the site, making it easy to scan through and find content that speaks to them directly.

 How to Improve Your Website Design


The Benefits of Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives are not technically “hard drives,” though both SSDs and HDDs serve the same purpose of storing data on your computer. SSDs rely on flash memory, making them faster, more durable, and last longer than HDDs. Standard hard disk drive or HDD's stores data using a moving read-write magnetic head on a rotating metallic platter.

A SSD drive makes use of a non-volatile memory state to store and access data. SSD is a non-mechanical hard drive. This makes it very fast at reading and writing data, with a great advantage over hard disk drives.

A SSD drive is a Solid-State Storage Device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently. Normally using flash memory, and functioning as secondary storage in the hierarchy of computer storage.

What is a Solid State Drive?

How to Keep your Online Personal Information Safe

 You may be under the impression that your personal information is safe, secure, and private. Just how much information about you winds up on the Internet. You would be surprised!

Do a search for yourself on Pipl - People Search Directory. Did the search come up with your name, social media profiles and possibly even your parent's names, address, and telephone number too?

Pipl is NOT a private database or a secret hacker site. It is a repository of publicly available online data, all of which businesses and advertisers are eager to get a hold of. This type of data mining is completely legal. Most of this information is what YOU put online.

If you are worried about identity theft or not fond of the idea that others can track your every move, there are a few things you can do to help keep your online data private.


Online Privacy and Security

Knowledge Base of Internet Information and Resources

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